Rosburg in Denver, CO, 2018

Regan Rosburg is an artist and naturalist. Her work is founded in the principles of ecopsychology, and her research describes society's collective grief, environmental melancholia, and collective social mania. Rosburg believes these issues manifest in a relentless loop of consumption, distraction, and unresolved mourning. 

Rosburg is the Co-founder and Artistic Director of Cayo Residency in Eleuthera (Bahamas). She has conducted biology-based research trips around the world, including the Bahamas, Canada, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Thailand, Washington (Hoh and Quinault rainforests), Tennessee (Smokey Mountains), and the Colorado Black Forest to study the Ute tribe’s culturally modified “Prayer Trees.” Her 2019 residencies include the Arctic (Svalbard, Norway) and the Oak Springs Garden Foundation (Washington DC).

Rosburg works in a variety of materials to blur the boundary between nature and culture. Her resin work contains precious artifacts: plant and animal relics, bones, insects, lace and painted imagery. These objects are suspended in incredibly laborious, three dimensional resin "paintings." The use of resin poignantly addresses her continued concern over plastic pollution in the environment, while presenting the beauty of plant and animal species. Due to the labor intensive and complicated process involved in making the resin works, she produces a small body of work over the course of a couple years.

Recently she has expanded into making mylar installations, as well as recycled plastic and virgin resin sculptures.


Rosburg is represented by William Havu Gallery in Denver, CO and teaches at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in Lakewood, CO. She will be a Redline Artist Resident (Denver) beginning in Fall 2019.


Please listen to her most recent podcast (below) explaining Axis Mundi, her artistic philosophy, and her massive installation, Omega (for the 2017 Biennial of the Americas).

- Current CV-




Lesley University College of Art and Design, MFA, 2016

University of Colorado at Boulder, BFA, 2000



2018 -  present. Co-founder and Artistic Director: Cayo Art + Science Residency. Eleuthera, Bahamas.

2018 -  present.  Affiliate Faculty (Fine Arts/Foundations) Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design,

          Denver, CO

2016 -  present.  Affiliate Faculty (Fine Arts/Foundations) Metro State University, Denver CO

2016    Guest Lecturer (Foundations) University of Colorado at Boulder, CO



2018     Speaker. VASD Faculty Focus. Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design. Lakewood, CO. 

2018      Podcast Interview. “Breaching Grief, Melancholia and Mania with Biophilia.” Let’s Talk

             About the Weather Podcast. Episode #24. EcoArts Foundation (San Diego, CA).

2018      Speaker/Presenter of Chris Jordan’s Film Albatross. “LHS Speaker Series.”

              Alamo Draft House. Littleton, CO.

2017      Speaker. “Art, Science & Climate Change: A Conversation.” Thinkers Lodge Conference.

             Pugwash, Nova Scotia.

2017      Speaker. “A Difficult Hope: Climate and the Human Project.” Kings Theater, Annapolis          

             Royale, Nova Scotia.

2017      Visiting Artist Guest Lecturer. “Biology and Art.” School of Visual Art -- Bio Art Lab. New

             York City, NY.

2016      Visiting Artist Guest Lecturer – Metro State University, Denver, CO

2016      Visiting Artist Lecture Series – Converge Art Center, Denver, CO

2016      Resident Studio Artist Lecture Series – Temple Arts Building, Denver, CO

2016      Resident Critic, Lesley University, Cambridge, MA



2017     Olympic Auditorium Complex. Omega (Axis Mundi) Biennial of the Americas, Denver, CO

2016     Haven Gallery. Vanitas. Scope, Miami. Miami, FL

2013     David B. Smith Gallery, Maelstrom. Denver, CO

2011     David B. Smith Gallery, The Understory. Denver, CO

2009     Art & Soul Gallery, Curio. Boulder, CO

2009     Smokebrush Galley, Break Away. Colorado Springs, CO

2008     Art & Soul Gallery, Small World. Boulder, CO

2007     Art & Soul Gallery, Selective Memory. Boulder, CO

2007     Gingerbread Square Gallery, Patterns in Nature. Key West, FL

2006     Art & Soul Gallery, The Edge of the Field. Boulder, CO



2017      Platte Forum Gallery. Axis Mundi. Biennial of the Americas. Denver, CO

2017      William Havu Gallery. Fabricating Nature. Denver, CO

2017      Platte Forum Gallery & Black Cube Nomadic Museum. Resident Exhibition. Denver, CO

2016      Lesley University. MFA Thesis Exhibition. Cambridge, MA

2015      Haven Gallery. Inaugural Group Show. Northport, NY

2013      Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery. Beyond Eden. Los Angeles, CA

2012      David B. Smith Gallery. Group Exhibition Part II. Denver, CO

2011      Thinkspace Gallery. Born Free. Culver City, CA

2011      Museum of Contemporary Art. Objectophilia. Biennial of the Americas. Denver, CO.

2009      David B. Smith Gallery. Group Exhibition Part I. Denver, CO

2009      Botanical Gardens. Extinction. (Jurors: Simon Zalkind, Ivar Zeile) Denver, CO

2009      Irvine Contemporary Gallery. Manifest Hope: DC. Washington DC



2019 Redline Resident Artist (Fall 2019 - Fall 2021), Denver, CO

2019      Oak Springs Garden Foundation, Artist in Residence, Award Grantee. Fall 2019. Upperville, VA

2019      Arctic Circle Residency Program, Artist in Residence, Summer 2019. Svalbard, Norway

2018      Cayo Artist Residency Program (Pilot Program; Artistic Director). Eleuthera Island, Bahamas

2017      Biology Research Residency: Joe DiGiorges Microscopy. Exuma Islands, Bahamas

2016      Biology Research Residency: Microscopy. Abaco, Bahamas

2014      Ayatana Researchers Artist Residency. Biophilia, Ottawa, Canada

2014      Lesley University College of Art and Design. Merit Scholarship. Cambridge, MA

2009      Juror’s Choice Award. Extinction: Artist’s Respond. Jurors: Simon Zalkind, Ivar Zeile.



2017     Climate Change and the Human Prospect. Documentary. Thinker’s Lodge, Pugwash, NS. 2017.

2017     Rinaldi, Ray Mark. Quick Take: Axis Mundi sprawls across Curtis Park. One Good Eye. 4 October, 2017. Web

2017     Rinaldi, Ray Mark. Hemispheric views on display in Denver galleries thanks to Biennial (Axis Mundi).     Denver Post. 29 September, 2017. Web

2017     Froyd, Susan. Axis Mundi Tackles Psychology and the Environmental Apocalypse.  Westword Magazine. 17 September, 2017. Web.

2017      Froyd, Susan. Colorado Creatives 3.0 - Regan Rosburg. Westword Magazine. 22 June, 2017. Web.

2017     Rinaldi, Ray Mark. At DU, a Climate Change Exhibit That’s Thoughtful, Shocking and Sometimes Almost Humorous.  Denver Post. 17 September, 2017. Web and print.

2017     Jones, Cory. Three Works of Art that Explore How Artists See Climate Change.  Colorado Public Radio News. 31 March, 2017. Web.

2017     Heming, Christine. The Need to Feel. Shambala Times, Nova Scotia. 15 March, 2017. Web

2017     Rogers, Stephanie. Plucking the Stinger, Saturnalia Books, Cover Artist.

2015      Jamail, Dahr. Mourning the Changes That Surround Us: Readers Speak Out. Web.

2015      Mei-en, Lo Kwa. Yearling, Alice James Books, Cover Artist.               

2013      Cervi, Giovanni. Dios De Los Muertos. Woodenleg Press. Contributing artist. 

2013      Paglia, Michael. Critic’s Picks: Denver, Art Ltd. Magazine, June/July Issue.               

2009      Fairey, Shepard. Art for Obama: Designing Manifest Hope and the Campaign for Change. Contributing Artist.                                                                        


2018      CORE New Art Space. Flora & Fauna. Sole Juror. Denver, CO.

2017     Platte Forum. Axis Mundi: Artists on Eco-Psychology. Multi-venue exhibition, Albatross screening, artist                   talks (Denver, CO & Nova Scotia, Canada). Sole curator. Denver, CO.

2017     Re-Creative Gallery. Group Exhibition 2018. Juror. Denver, CO.



2017     IGI Global: International Journal of Civic Engagement and Social Change. Vol 4, Ar. 4. 

            The Relentless Memorial: Environmental Melancholia and Collective Social Mania. Web and print.



            Hilton Hotel, Boulder, CO

            Le Meridian Hotel, Denver, CO

This is a short video about Omega, installed in Denver during the Biennial of the Americas 2017. Rosburg not only created this massive work, but also curated the entire Axis Mundi Exhibition.

In this 2010 video created by David B. Smith Gallery in Denver, Rosburg describes her process for an upcoming exhibition.