classes and critiques

Classes and workshops are available May, 2016. I will be offering private painting lessons and workshops. 

Classes are one to three hours in length (your choice). I welcome artists of all levels, and specialize in waterbased oil painting classes, as well as drawing classes. I do not teach resin techniques. 

As of May 2016, my private instruction and consultation is $60/hr, $100/2 hrs, and $140/3 hrs.   

Private lessons are available Wednesdays and Saturdays, 9-11am, 12-2pm, and 3-5pm. You will receive a materials list needed for the first class after a short conversation (Skype, phone or in person) so that we can ascertain your skill level and personal goals. I have worked with some students for years, and seen tremendous improvements as well as confidence. 

Color theory will be taught to basic painting students. Hot tea, coffee, hot chocolate and snacks are always complimentary. 



Once a month, I will be offering one or two day weekend workshops.  Please check back to this site regularly to see workshop topics, or sign up on the "contact" page to receive emails. Classes are limited to 6 students. Cost will range from $250-$400 per workshop. A typical workshop will begin at 9am and end at 4pm. 

Topics covered will be: 

Crash Course in Color Theory : Do you need to brush up, or start from the beginning? We will explore how colors relate to each other, what they mean, how they are used and manipulated in art, and how to mix them. A must for every serious painter. May, 2016.

Death and Decay in Art : from vanitas paintings to Damien Hirst, we will explore how this topic has been explored through the ages by artists, and what it means to you. As an added bonus, this class will include drawing (literally) from my personal collection of bones, insects, seeds, etc). June, 2016.

Microscopic Miracle: After we journey to the Denver Botanic Gardens with your own personal magnifying 45 X eyepiece, we return to the studio to discuss the role beauty plays in evolutionary adaptation and biology, and from this inspiration we will paint with acrylics and/or oils. July, 2016. 

Multi-Media Cray-Cray Time: Exactly as it sounds. There will be wine involved. (Sorry, no, I do not teach my resin technique). August, 2016.