"Ancient" (Jellyfish Necklace with Layered Drop Chain)

"Ancient" (Jellyfish Necklace with Layered Drop Chain)


The physical structure of a jellyfish has not really changed in over 500 million years on Earth. They are ancient creatures, drifting through the oceans like gentle clouds of ancient secrets. Their beauty has delighted observers of all ages and generations, and their powerful sting reminds close swimmers of their potent, ancient defenses.

I use jellyfish often in my work because, along with their beauty, they are a significant symbol of climate change. As the seas continue to warm and become more acidic, these ancient creatures are blooming in record numbers. They serve as a counterpoint to the many species being lost to climate change…the very same circumstances which sustain these beautiful creatures.

Each pendant is hand-painted in layers to create a 3D effect. Long drop bronze-colored drop chain.

Now you can carry one of my larger works with you…where ever you go!

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These handmade works are small, wearable vignettes. The materials in the pendants are the same natural relics, painted imagery and plastic that one would find in my larger works.

By placing them in a medium of clear plastic, I am pointing to our dangerous addiction to petroleum — specifically single use plastics. I am concerned over the amount of plastic entering the land, air, oceans, and bodies of animals (including us). The issue is not the plastic, but it serves as a metaphor for the background of mania that drives our consumption.

Our beautiful world, with all of its diversity and splendor, is what I lay in this material… a hopeful triumph over madness, a focus on what matters, a reminder of generations that have both come to pass and are yet to be born.

A portion of each purchase goes to supporting Albatross, a gorgeous and brilliant film by Chris Jordan, which touches on the larger themes behind our consumption, our collective consciousness, and our inextricably deep connection to both the beauty and diversity of the Earth.

I also make crematory amulets. If you have the ashes of a loved one, I would love to help you keep them close to your heart. Nothing means more to me than to honor the ephemerality of life. People and pets are welcome.

Thank you,

Regan Rosburg