Painting Lessons: Summer 2018

Color theory workshop is in three parts, over three weekends. Please choose either Saturday or Sunday. Denver residents only. Classes held at my studio in the Temple Artist Building, 2400 Curtis Street.

Color Theory Workshop Part I: The Basics - SATURDAY 6/30


Color Theory Workshop Part I: The Basics - SATURDAY 6/30


Color theory is the foundation for all great painters. It is an absolute necessity for creating a balanced, visually interesting work because it is the driving force behind good composition and movement. Color knowledge will give you control over your painting’s mood, light, integrity, and presence.

I will teach the fundamentals of color with a presentation on theory, how to see color, and how colors interact. You will learn how color drives composition, how artists choose colors to convey mood, and what color means culturally.

This followed by a lesson on mixing color, including a the creation of a color wheel, and understanding of warm and cool colors, tints, tones, and shades. You will learn how to mix a proper black, and how to select sections of the color wheel for your most balanced painting.

We will work in acrylics. All materials provided. Please bring a sack lunch and reusable water bottle, or you may walk to a local sandwich shop/coffee shop. Dress for art-making! This class is followed by Part II and Part III Color Theory classes.

Part II: Analogous, Monochromatic Values, and Complementary Colors

Part III: Grisaille Self Portraiture with Water-based Oil Glaze

Dates of Color Theory Workshop Part I (This is the Saturday option). Classes are limited to six students.

  • Saturday June 30, 9am - 4pm (one hour lunch break)

  • Sunday July 1, 9am - 4pm (one hour lunch break)

I have been teaching painting for fifteen years, both private lessons as well as at the following Colorado campuses: The University of Colorado (Boulder), Metro State University (Denver) and Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design (Denver).

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