Available Studio Works

*** These are not my resin paintings. For RESIN WORK, please contact William Havu Gallery in Denver Colorado*****

These works began as studies for the September 2017 exhibition of Axis Mundi Exhibition (Denver). Sales from those works went towards providing materials for the exhibit/artists.

I continue to make these works from time to time until I complete the edition of 100. These pieces are offered at an extremely affordable prices. I want to give collectors a chance to buy an original work (studies and explorations in color, materials, and expression) at an affordable price. 

These are quick studio studies, and do not reflect prices of original resin works. For all resin painting inquiries, please contact William Havu Gallery in Denver, CO.

Minutiae 11/100


Minutiae 11/100


Black thick wing with roses lay among black nurdles…. truly a work that reflects the spirit of Omega. .

This piece will cost more in shipping due to it’s weight. I LOVE THIS PIECE!!!!!

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Black wing with black nurdles and black morning-glories. What could be more beautiful? Also this piece very closely tied to the actual "Omega" sculpture...