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*** These are not my resin paintings. For RESIN WORK, please contact William Havu Gallery in Denver Colorado*****

These works began as studies for the September 2017 exhibition of Axis Mundi Exhibition (Denver). Sales from those works went towards providing materials for the exhibit/artists.

I continue to make these works from time to time until I complete the edition of 100. These pieces are offered at an extremely affordable prices. I want to give collectors a chance to buy an original work (studies and explorations in color, materials, and expression) at an affordable price. 

These are quick studio studies, and do not reflect prices of original resin works. For all resin painting inquiries, please contact William Havu Gallery in Denver, CO.

Minutiae 7/100

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Minutiae 7/100

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Black plastic spine cast from one that washed up on the shores of Dubai, a black six-pack holder, and a bleached-white bee (altered by artist). All on a red background.

I am working on a major installation artwork for September called "Omega." The work deals with plastic pollution and recycling. As part of the work, I am creating these small studies to understand the new materials I have been working with. They are intimate moments of a larger work, and represent a snippet of "order" that opposes the chaos of the installation. Unlike my layered, very detailed and labor-intensive works at Havu Gallery, these smaller works are fragments that represent what we see when we look down at the ground, or in our waste baskets... this beautiful disorder we casually throw away. To me, it is all beautiful madness. This body of work is called "Minutiae." 

Please stay tuned for the groups of works to become available. I will being posting them tomorrow, and will keep posting them until the show opens on September 16, 2017. Sales from these works will fund "Omega" as well as the Axis Mundi exhibition, and some funds will be donated to a plastic conservation group.